Hey there, thanks for taking time to read a bit about me. My name is Lindsey, and I've been vegan for seven years. I went vegan solely because of the animals. I like the health and environmental benefits too, but I only ever advocate for veganism on account of the animals.

I have quite a lot of weight I'd like to lose, so maybe I'll post a bit about my weight struggles and any insights I have on that.

I have been a pianist for most of my life and a classical singer for a little while.

Some of my interests: veganism and animal rights (obviously), food and cooking, music (especially certain subgenres of metal), astrology and metaphysics, reading, foreign languages, memory keeping/life documentation, Magic: The Gathering

I also have many more potential interests (like gardening and crafty projects) - things I wish I had infinite time so I could pursue them too. As it is, I don't even delve enough into my primary interests listed above.

For those who don't scoff at astrology, I am a Cancer (the Crab!) Sun, Scorpio Moon, Libra (almost Scorpio) ascendant with Pluto and Saturn on the ascendant, which gives me some extra Scorpio-ness with some Capricorn thrown in.

Thanks again for reading!

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