Monday, July 20, 2015

Vegan Astrology: Sun Signs Least Likely to Most Likely to Go Vegan

This is just for fun and is not based on in-depth research. These are solely from my opinions and observations over the 7 years or so I've been vegan. These are based on Sun signs only. Of course, there are so many more parts of a chart that would determine if someone would go vegan or not; maybe I will write about these another time, but for now, most of my knowledge is just based on the vegans and nonvegans I know and their birth date, not always with a year, so the only info I've had to make these observations is Sun signs. The Sun is a huge part of the personality, so it can be a pretty good indicator of behavior sometimes, especially when someone has many of the personal planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in the same sign as the Sun as well. People who don't seem to fit their Sun sign typically have no other personal planets in the same sign as the Sun and/or have aspects from other planets that affect the Sun.

Here are the Sun signs in order of least likely to most likely to go vegan. There are still examples of vegans in every sign, so if a sign is at the top of the list, it does not mean that a person of this sign can never go vegan; it's just not as likely as another sign farther down.

Taurus | The Anti-Vegan - very stubborn and extremely slow to change, super conservative with the values they were brought up with, love pleasure and might see a vegan diet interfering with that. If they do go vegan, it is going to be a transition over a period of many years. One dedicated vegan I know was vegetarian for 15 years or so and would resist giving up cheese. She finally did it. Once vegan though, they will not go back, as they will be very set in their new ways. Well-known Taurus vegans: Coretta Scott King, Charlotte Wessels (not vegan yet but claims she's making her way toward it!)

Leo | The Ex-Vegan -  too selfish, will not do anything to compromise the fun and pleasure they might have out with their friends and at any and all parties and celebrations. They do usually have a big heart and might feel a little bad about the animals and lament the fact that they’re just too selfish to become vegan. Leos also seem to like meat more than a lot of other signs. If they do go vegan, it might be for a health kick to perfect their body to satisfy their vanity. They may also be in it for fame and attention or at least use it as a platform to get themselves into the spotlight. If they do adopt veganism as an ethical system, watch out, as they are uncompromising to the extreme (and this is coming from someone who is fairly uncompromising in their view of veganism). Well-known Leo vegans: Alissa White-Gluz, Durianrider, Gary Yourovsky, Wayne Pacelle, Robin Quivers (vegan only for health), Bill Clinton (ex-vegan who was vegan only for health)

Gemini | The Vegan Skeptic - too fickle, very logical, constantly changing their minds, don’t like to adopt a solid belief system, not very in tune with their emotions so may not really empathize with animals very well, mostly care about what is right in front of them. However, Geminis are so youthful and somewhat child-like that they may be able to really identify with animals; it's possible that these particular Geminis have one or more personal planets in next-door Cancer, which is a sign VERY likely to go vegan. Well-known Gemini vegans: Ginny Messina, RD (She is a compassionate and lovely person, as well as super smart and objective.), Ingrid Newkirk, Sam Simon, Prince

Capricorn | Nonprofit CEO/Vegan Business Owner - will go vegan only if it furthers their goals or career, kind of a cold sign, reluctant to restructure their life since they’ve put so much hard work into it. Being vegan is likely to interfere with the workplace, which is the most important thing for them. They're really serious, and they might be afraid to not be taken seriously as a vegan. They really take authority to heart, and not many authorities promote veganism nowadays. Although, they are very strong, and once they become an authority themselves, they may be able to make a stand and present a very strong and respectable public image for veganism. Well-known Capricorn vegans: Mac Danzig (successful MMA fighter), Dr. T. Colin Campbell (nutrition authority), Matt Ball (co-founder of nonprofit Vegan Outreach), Rob Zombie

Virgo | The Pure/Health Vegan - victim mentality, thinking that going vegan won’t do much good, also very worried about criticism from others. They like to keep things modest and blend in. They may be more likely than Capricorn to go vegan because Virgos typically love their animals very much and take great care of them. They also care very much about health in some way, and the idea of cleaning up or purifying their diet would appeal to them. Well-known Virgo vegans: Fiona Apple, Moby, Howard Lyman (former cattle rancher), Shaun Monson (creator of Earthlings), Donald Watson (founder of the Vegan Society and coiner of the word "vegan"), Freelee (She indeed cares about animals, but puts way too much focus on mixing up weight loss, health, and veganism. For a while, she had a super strict and pure vegan diet.)

Scorpio | The Scary/Misanthropic Vegan - usually a fierce animal lover but strangely rarely vegan. This is someone who will kill someone for hurting an animal, but for some reason they don’t examine their own actions. They may be super picky and utilitarian about food and may think there would be nothing for them to eat as a vegan. They also might be so caught up in their own and others’ emotional crises to make major life changes. Well-known Scorpio vegans: Joaquin Phoenix, Scott Jurek, Weird Al, Tarah from 40BelowFruity (She is a crusader for sea animals on the ship Sea Shepherd; very fitting as Scorpio is a water sign. I believe she said she loves animals more than humans.)

Libra | The Peaceful Vegan - loves justice, freedom, peace, and fairness, so veganism appeals to them. They will go vegan immediately if their significant other wants to. I think it's mostly just the males though. Libra females seem way too concerned with people pleasing and fashion. Well-known Libra vegans: Peter Max (artist), Emily Deschanel, Alicia Silverstone, Chloe Coscarelli, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Thích Nhất Hạnh (Buddhist monk), Dennis Kucinich - all in line with the beauty of Libra: either beautiful themselves and/or giving beauty to the world in the form of art or peace!

Sagittarius | The Self-Righteous Vegan - tends to be very dogmatic, loves to preach their beliefs to others, usually loves animals. They come to veganism from a philosophical perspective; they really love adhering to a belief system. They are a mutable sign, so their beliefs aren’t always fixed, making it easy for them to adopt veganism. Will they stick with it though? Well-known Sagittarius vegans: Mayim Bialik, Michael Dorn, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd captain)

Aries | The Angry Vegan - don’t care whatsoever what people think of them, so it’s easy for them to do what they want with their life. They are also pioneers and like to lead the way. They're very childlike, and this probably helps them maintain a close connection with animals for most of their life, since most children love animals. They are also warriors and like to fight for what is right, so many Aries vegans will be some kind of activist. They have an easy time switching their diet because they are health conscious and usually not heavy eaters. A lot of Aries also are likely to have some personal planets in Pisces, a very compassionate sign, which is probably why Aries appears this far down on the list. If I hadn't already made any observations about how many vegans are Aries, I would guess this would be one of the least likely signs to go vegan, as Aries is the ultimate selfish sign in the zodiac. If someone has almost all the personal planets in Aries and/or Taurus, they are unlikely to go vegan, as they cannot see outside of themselves. So if you meet any sweet Aries, they probably have some Pisces planets! Or if you happen to meet any childish, rude Pisces, they probably have a lot of Aries planets. Well-known Aries vegans: Matthew Scully (speech writer for George W. Bush), Benjamin Zephaniah (poet), David Pearce (philosopher), Shirley Wilkes-Johnson (host of a vegan radio show in Texas, was a pioneer for veganism way ahead of her time in Texas of all places), Nathan Runkle (founder of activist organization Mercy for Animals)

Pisces | The Compassionate Vegan - the most compassionate sign in the zodiac, so they just can’t handle doing any harm to animals. They can feel the pain of the animals. They are not the most likely of all signs to go vegan though because it is easy for them to delude themselves and live in their imagination and pretend there is nothing wrong. Well-known Pisces vegans: Carrie Underwood, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (who speaks and writes often of compassion), Brendan Brazier (vegan athlete), Robert Cheeke (vegan bodybuilder), Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter),
Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth keyboardist), Sarah Jezebel Deva (former Cradle of Filth singer)

Aquarius | The Vegan Event Organizer - the humanitarian sign of the zodiac who is always 50 years ahead of their time. They care so much about bettering the world, and they can see that veganism is the future - the best thing for people, planet, and animals. They are unlikely to waver from veganism once they become vegan, since Aquarius is a fixed air (fixed ideas) sign. They are pretty smart and logical, so it is easy for them to make the decision to be vegan. They also are born to be different and to rebel, so they have no problem doing something outside of the norm. They love social networks and organizations, so having a large group of friends just by going vegan is very appealing. They are the universal friend.  Well-known Aquarius vegans: Marla Rose (founder and organizer of the annual festival Chicago Vegan Mania, co-founder of creative activism website Vegan Street, prolific and clever vegan blogger), Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Ellen, Portia de RossI, Sara Gilbert (actress), Brian Greene (theoretical physicist), Bryant Terry (vegan soul food cookbook author)

Cancer | The Emotional Vegan - my own sign! But I really have seen so many Cancerian vegans. Cancers are the mothers of the zodiac. They love to mother animals too. It is very distressing for a Cancer to see an animal being harmed. They are an action-taking sign, like Aries, so they will do whatever they can right away to try to solve the problem of animals being hurt. They are also huge food lovers and can usually cook really well, so they take a huge liking to learning how to cook delicious vegan food and how to veganize all their classic comfort food favorites. And they love to feed others, so they are definitely the best candidates for culinary activism. They lead with their heart and not their head, so it is an easy decision to go vegan. They know it’s the right thing, and they won’t talk themselves out of it. They are really sensitive and have a hard time with criticism from others, but they are really courageous when it comes to protecting their “children.” Well-known Cancer vegans: Robin Robertson (hugely prolific vegan cookbook author), Ricard Moreira (MMA figher), Tess Challis (vegan cookbook author), Carl Lewis, Geezer Butler, Paul Shapiro (vice president of farm animal protection at HSUS)


  1. Here a vegan, I,m scorpio sun, ascendant, moon, mars, venus and mercury.

  2. Disagree with the taurus one, me and my boyfriend are both taurus (me taurus with piscies moon and him taurus with taurus moon) and we're huge animal and nature lovers as are most of the taurus we know (we own 6 rescued cats, 2 mice and a bunny). We have very strong morals when it comes to injustice and it didn't take more than a video to turn us into fierce vegans overnight since we're really determined and bullheaded, no matter how much people told us not to do so, once we had set our minds to it there was no turning back. Although our biggest concern at first was our slightly obsessive love for food, it didn't take long for us to start delighting ourselves with amazing vegan food we started learning how to create (we actually started enjoying food even more), and we couldn't even look at non vegan food without getting terrible flashes of what the poor animals went through

  3. Hmmm. Came across this article because I'm trying to get my Capricorn boyfriend to make small steps toward veganism and it's not taking. Thought that his zodiac might play a part, he's just too fixed. Definitely right about the reluctance to restructure and the strength, seeing being vegan as a weakness. Interesting. I myself am Scorpio sun (I'm the most intensely Scorpio person there could ever be) and Leo moon so surprisingly two signs that aren't big on vegan traits. I thought Scorpio definitely would be a top contender because of our ability to adapt and change. But I'm glad I beat the odds :)

  4. Are you kidding with this fucking font?